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Serving the Pittsburgh and surrounding Western Pennsylvania area
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  2. Residential
Examples of our work
  1. Vinyl Siding Before
    Vinyl Siding Before
  2. Vinyl Siding After
    Vinyl Siding After
  3. Concrete Cleaning
    Concrete Cleaning
  4. Concrete Cleaning
    Concrete Cleaning
  5. Concrete Cleaning
    Concrete Cleaning
  6. Porch Ceiling Mold
    Porch Ceiling Mold
  7. Porch Ceiling Clean
    Porch Ceiling Clean
  8. Gutter After
    Gutter After
  9. Gutter Before
    Gutter Before
  10. Wood Restoration
    Wood Restoration
  11. Dirty
  12. Clean
About Us
West Penn Pro Wash has the experience and training to safely and professionally clean the exterior of your home or business.

The use of high pressure is not always the best method to clean exterior surfaces.  Especially delicate surfaces such as vinyl siding or stucco, we utilize a low pressure cleaning method known as 'softwashing'.  Softwashing cleans by the use of professional detergents, not by using high water pressure.  High pressure water is suitable for cleaning durable surfaces such as brick pavers and concrete.  For all other surfaces, low pressure 'softwashing' is the preferred method of trained cleaning professionals.